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  • About Team: realize 1+1>2 through group ability combination.
  • About Professional: professional things must be done by professionals, 2>1 is the eternal truth, respect derives from professional.
  • About Fair: no pains, no gains.
  • Win-win and labor division: it is your business to produce products and our business to assist you to sell products.

The success of a new brand or product is owed to both of the product and deep research on target market

An enterprise will fail if its products are not well sold despite a good quality and service; instead, it will succeed with good marketing. Confronted with product homogenization, appeal homogenization and thought homogenization on the market nowadays, Eastlocal is devoted to bidirectional connection from target market subject and products, breaking customer-foremost concept, discovering and forming the most powerful brand logic by enabling it to go through the brand shaping and integration marketing process, taking initiative to arrange layout, so as to promote the self-sell force and resolve competition.

Quality before Quantity

Regardless of the project size, it is quality goods so long as it is sold. Put quality before quantity, avoid low price market competition, and never provide bad service by reason that it is of low price.

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