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Alibaba and Sina Weibo Jointly Explore Social E-commerce< China Analysis Report

On August 1st in 2013, Sina Weibo and Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba, together launched a Weibo-Taobao. Before this, Alibaba had announced its cooperation with Sina on April 29th in 2013, planning to cooperate in such fields as linking user accounts, exchanging data, online payment, and Internet marketing. By virtue of this cooperation, they aimed at exploring a social e-commerce model based on Weibo social media platform and Alibaba e-commerce platform. The launch of a Weibo-Taobao is the first display of their achievements in product development after Alibaba bought stocks of Sina. Functions of the New Product The Weibo-Taobao will have following functions. Firstly, users o...

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